The Estate I'm Probating May Need to Sell

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Let our Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist ease navigating the many options and choices available.

For Probate You Need a Map and a Guide

My House Was Listed But Didn't Sell

Old House

I'm Trying To Sell My House Myself

Around 15% of homesellers sell without an agent. They often save themselves around 5% commission. Unfortunately they also usually get around 26% lower sales price!  Just like buying used cars most buyers prefer to shop where the selection is best (via the MLS) and properties are listed by state-licensed brokers with a known place of business and consumer protection laws in place.    

My Time is Running Out

We May Need to Sell to Avoid Foreclosure

Our Certified Distressed Property Expert has successful negotiated short sales with many banks. Banks would almost always prefer a short sale to actually foreclosing!

We Need to Avoid Foreclosure