Great Marketing Sells Your Home 

Great Marketing Sells Your Home.


Reach out and touch thousands of buyers with Facebook, Zillow, and Military By Owner

Enter the buyer's imagination with captivating images woven around lifestyle storytelling.

Capture the curious with Yard Marketing, boosted Open Houses, and sparkling print.

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You'll love your listing.

House to Love

Creating an Experience

Listing on iPhone

Make your home a showstopper

Create an immersive experience 

Reach the Most-Likely Buyers

Once upon a time your home captured your heart. We need to weave an enticing new story to sweep the next buyers off their feet.Just putting your home into the MLS will automatically result in your home's listing appearing buried in the noise thousands of listings on astonishing variety of sites.  Your home needs to stand out and command attention.  We'll work with you to create an immersive, eye-catching experience.Our ultimate sales and marketing strategy template is re-thought for every property. We research the most likely buyer profiles, then identify a theme to resonate with them. We weave compelling copy, photography, video, staging, online marketing, audience targeting, events and print marketing around this theme.



Top Ten Reasons


To create really powerful marketing we need to spend time with you coming to a deep understanding of what caused you to fall in love with the home long ago and what great things have happened for your family because you lived there. 

The next few pages detail ten of the ways we excel to make your listing so compelling that yields showings, offers, and a satisfactory closing!



Caring, Skilled 


To create really powerful marketing we need to spend time with you coming to a deep understanding of what caused you to fall in love with the home long ago and what great things have happened for your family because you lived there. 

We'll need to explain the several marketing impact options we offer and assist you in selecting the most appropriate for you situation.


Staged luxury home kitchen

Staging helps buyers imagine living there.

3-D Floor Plans Intrigue Buyers

3-D or  "Glass House" plans help remote buyers fall in love with your house.

Twilight Photos Create Breathtaking Views

Twilight Photos can show your home in a dramatic light.

Drone Perspectives Maximize High Value Homes

Drone views provide valuable prospectives on high-value homes.

Certified Pre-Owned To Guarantee Your Sales

Certified Pre-Owned To Guarantee Your Sale.

Our notes, will enable us to storyboard a plan and schedule for preparing your home for sale. We'll present the plan for your review and approval. We'll detail exactly how we will use video, photography, storytelling, targeting high-impact Facebook and other online advertising, a dedicated custom property page, custom high-gloss print, our network of buyers agent connections, open houses, and our team to get you the results your family needs.

If your home is eligible we will also detail the details of our optional Certified Pre-Owned Home approach to guarantee your outcome.



Lifestyle Videos


Movement catches your eye.  And once your attention is caught an artfully composed sequence of flowing images, perhaps with appropriate or intriguing accompanying sound, can can keep your interest longer.

If the video is good you might even show it to someone else.

If its really good you might read some of the accompanying words, or facts about the house.

And you might decide that this one is worth visiting.



Beautiful Photography

Stunning Progessional Photography and Video


Shockingly sharp, crisp, professionally composed photographs can communicate a home more positively than an actual in-person visit. Over 95% of buyers search online and swipe, scroll, or click through hundreds of photos while tagging the ones to look at again. Your photo has to be tagged or your listing won't be considered further by that buyer. 

We use the best professional real estate photographers in the area. We switch when we find better.


Most Likely Buyer Profiles

US Census, other Big Data, and our on-the-ground experience combine as we build most-likely buyer-family profiles.

Dinner Cruise on the River

Neighborhood information and nearby amenities help us imagine appealing lifestyle story snippets.

Maybe you'd be interested in a dinner cruise on the Potomac past the monuments?

We loved warming at the fire on the cool fall nights.

Your memories of why you bought it and loved living there provide us valuable scenes and themes.




Online Advertising


You benefit from us exposing your home to the most directly to the cross section of the population most likely to be interested in purchasing it.  We boost the generic, broadcast marketing provided by the MLS, websites, and broadcast social media with advertising directly specifically to the buyers fitting our Most Likely Buyer Profiles. 

Our messages relate suggestively, or directly, to the lifestyles most empowered by your home.  Our highly targeted ads use retargeting techniques to track and convert buyers. We can effectively focus our ads (while respecting Fair Housing regulations) to run campaigns that are put in front of prospective buyers multiple times and across many partner websites and search engines. We also employ the most powerful telemarketing, text, voicemail, and email systems available to follow-up and convert leads who express interest in your property.

Fair Housing



Captivating Custom Property Page


MLS Listing Page

Our listings are showcased the best way possible within the constraints of the MLS. The images and descriptions on your MLS listing page will be used by Zillow, Trulia,, and all brokerages (Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Berkshire Hathaway, Redfin and a host of others) to allow the users of their sites to find your property.  Because of the way this information is shared we are prohibited from embedding web links, phone numbers, and branding information.  Buyers working with other agents or by themselves may be more likely to see these pages.  Buyers, however, who drive by the property or come to an open house are more likely to be directed to your custom listing page.

Custom Listing Page

We build magnificent, captivating, listing pages for each home we list as a custom listing page within  All our online marketing outside of the MLS drives buyers to these pages so they can follow the links to valuable community amenities, work with embedded interactive maps and video, get our direct phone numbers, and so forth.  Buyers discovering your property through these pages are more likely to request a showing.



Custom Designed



We produce full-custom, high gloss, 4-page brochures to be prominently featured in your home. Our goal is to have buyers take a brochure so that they can remember your home's most positive features accurately.

Our standard practice includes inserting the disclosure, conveyance, tax record, and short listing pages most needed by a buyers agent within the brochure so that they can be taken out for use in preparing an offer.


We deliver full-custom, high gloss, Just Listed postcards to the neighborhood around your home to enable those with friends or relatives interested in moving to the area to be helping spread the word about your home.



Extensive Network

We May Already Have Your Buyers

We have a large database of buyers and investors with whom we have worked or are currently assisting.  As soon as we get a new listing the first thing we thing of doing is contacting our current or past associates who might be interested.

Experience Matters

In addition, after 19 years doing business in the area our team is well known and respected by virtually all the other most active teams in the area.  When we get a new listing we reach our with a direct, personal email to each of them as a professional courtesy to enable them their best buyers before less experienced agents with weaker buyers figure it out.  




Open Houses


We plan our open houses strategically mindful of both the weather forecast and holidays. Turnout is maximized by a combination of paid and unpaid online ads and notifications, email to agents and our database, direct mail to the area, calling around the event ahead of it to invite neighbors who may know someone interested in the area, and "Day-Of" directional signs and balloons. Balloons make a difference!



The Team


Sales Team

Our licensed sales team has over 50 years of licensed real estate experience in Northern Virginia. Out buyers agents and listing agents are in the field daily. And our office operations staff includes administrators, copywriters, graphics, photography and web designers with skills gained at Weichert, RE/MAX, Avery Hess, Samson, and Keller Williams.

What If We Need to Buy Our Next Home?

We have helped coordinate sell-and-buy situations for scores of our clients.  Let us know as soon as possible and we can gain you maximum benefits as well as consult with you on the most appropriate plan.

Client Delight Team

Your listing manager is committed to delighting you beyond all reasonable expectations with the quality and responsiveness of your experience while your home is listed with us. We aim to knock your socks off with responsive personal service from coordinating preparing the home for market to capturing and updating the photos, to managing delivery of on-site marketing, to coordinating showings, feedback, Open Houses, to delivering weekly written listing activity reports, and to receiving actionable written offers.

Ninja Closing Team

Once a buyer makes an actionable written offer our Fortune-50-trained, negotiate-to-closing dealmakers go into action. We have formidably experienced negotiation and mediation experts in house whose job is to gain you the most benefit while proceeding to closing in the most orderly way possible.



Our Results


We've handled around 1,000 transactions. We have multiple clients whose extended families have each done more than twenty deals with us. Our clients come back over and over.  And they send their friends, and neighbors and relatives.

Touching memories, emotions, images, video and sound reach out and touch even the frustrated or jaded buyer with suggestive lifestyle scenes and stories intriguing the imagination.

 Touching Memories, Emotions and Imagination 

Not sure if you're ready to sell yet? Our Free Home Valuation is a great place to start!