Concierge Service to Help You Sell an Inherited Home

Dated: December 2 2022

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Sorting and Packing

Concierge Service to Help You Sell an Inherited Home

None of the you heirs are really in a position to move in to the house.  Nor do any of you fancy becoming a landlord.  So selling it seems like the right move.

But the house is full of stuff.  Good stuff, valuable stuff, memorable stuff, items particular heirs want, and just plain junk.  And often not all the family members are conveniently local.  

Where and how to begin?

Attorney? Accountant?

We are not attorneys, nor accountants. In general it is prudent, but not required, for an estate to work with an attorney.  We can refer you to a probate attorney if you think you might need one.  We do everything that the attorneys and accountants do not.


If the house is unoccupied the very first steps need to be making sure that the homeowners insurance covers vacant homes. Many policies do not. This is worth checking with the insurance company.

The second step is to post a "No Trespassing" sign. Having a property posted ensures that if any unwanted individuals attempt to squat there temporarily or permanently they can be evicted as simple trespassers.  Squatters in unposted property may qualify as tenants at sufferance forcing the owners to go through the entire formal legal eviction process to get them out.

Identifying Valuable or Memorable Property to be Kept

Most often some of the personal property in the house is of intrinsic significant value or has sentimental value to particular heirs.  Financial documents, bonds, currency, or precious metal is identifiable by both heirs and third parties.  But only the individual heirs may know that a particular photo or diary is of memorable value.  So someone has to go through everything to make sure what's not tagged or taken can be sold or taken away


Automobiles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, snow machines, aircraft, and boats are all items whose disposition is best arranged separately from a general estate sale. 

Maybe an Estate Sale

Good furniture, antiques, certain rugs and so forth may be worth selling via an estate sale company.  We can refer several good ones. Estate sale companies will charge a percentage of the value of an item to sell it.

Clear Out

Emptying out the remainder of personal property not suited for an estate sale can be handled by a local clear out contractor. The Gold Homes Team can do this for you at rates generally lower than the commercial firms.

Repairs and/or Updates

Most probate homes are sold "As Is," vacant, empty and clean without investing in redecorating, renovating or updating anything.  

In general, unless you are an established general contractor or flipper we specifically recommend not chancing estate funds on attempting to improve the value of inherited homes that are to be re-sold.  

We can of course, refer you to trusted contractors for specific projects.

Outright risks to health and safety - for example bare 220v wires, or stairwells without railings - should be addressed prior to listing to allow showings.

Sales Cleaning

A quick run through by one of our cleaning crews will help the house show its best.

"As Is" Sales

We have handled as is sales or over 200 properties owned by nearly 20 different banks, of a great many short sale properties for families seeking to avoid foreclosure, and a great many probate estate representatives.

We are thoroughly familiar with how to position and market as is properties of all different types.  And, we also keep lists of private investors who are always on the lookout for such properties.

If you are not already commited to working with another probate-oriented real estate team feel free to call us to discuss your options and opportunities at 703-615-5888. The call is free and places you under no obligation.

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